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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Baseball Fans as Money-grubbing Greedheads

I've always enjoyed baseball, though I'm the first to admit that I'm no expert. Nor did I play a lot of it, aside from sandlot games and, later in life, old-guy softball leagues. (If you think CFOs and lawyers are aggressive and obnoxious in their professional lives, wait 'til you play softball with them...)
Anyhow, baseball fans always seemed to be truly appreciative of the game. As opposed to soccer hooligans and Oakland Raiders fans... Then there's this story.
My personal opinion is that each and every one of the dorks in this story needs to be pummeled. Give the ball back to Barry or MLB to put it in hall of fame.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Just Pure Ego or is There a Method to This Errant Knight's Madness?
So, in the same week, Virgin announces its long-awaited online music download service. This is a big deal for the online music industry because it is the the only entity in the online music space that has any, well, experience in the music industry. In fact they are quite smug about this. More than once in a recent conversation, a Virgin exec, who shall remain nameless, drew a sharp distinction between Virgin -- a company who started in the music business -- and "...our competitors who come from the technology industry." Like that matters any more for God's sake?
Anyhow, so like I said, within a couple of days of announcing the service, Sir Richard decides to announce a space-flight service for really rich folks. Somehow, that just seems to undercut Virgin's "street cred." A "digital music revolution" followed by pictures of a rich white guy playing with a model of a "virgin" space ship?
Maybe it is possible to have too much money AND too much time...

Friday, September 03, 2004

Some days, your past seems to be all around you. Other days it's simply overwhelmed by being "in the moment."
After seeing this notice, I feel like it's in front of me. Yes, I, too am an alum of the San Jose State University journalism department -- a fact that I'm sure the school would just as soon I didn't highlight. Funny how the mind of a 23-year-old is blind to the history of the institutions he sashays through. I know I was then...

Music's latest evolutionary step...

Microsoft finally entered the online music biz with this week's "soft" launch of its MSN Music store. When you ask a Microsoft person what a "soft" launch is, they typically respond with, "Think beta." When you ask if consumers get "soft" money or "beta" money to use on their "beta" service, the reply is typically a shakey chuckle.

The world's largest software company is squaring off against Apple, one of the world's smallest major PC brands (as measured by market share). In this case, however, the stakes aren't domination of the OS market. That game's over. The game's shifted now into a race to own content delivery tools and media-consumption/usage tools. These will be devices and applications that must be able to link back to a PC, but that's about it. MS's OS dominance of the PC isn't a guaranteed free pass to dominance in the era of what my compadre Allen and I refer to as consumers-as-content-foragers. On the other hand, Apple must guard against becoming too cool for its own good.

Yikes...Where have I been?
Travel, dealing with work. No excuse. Must string words together. Must string words together.

The semi-alleged president of the U.S. gave an "acceptance" speech wherein he wrapped himself in the quilt of 9/11. A quilt of horror, desperation and failure. A move so cynical as to make Tricky Dick look like Gandhi or the Dali Lama.

Speaking of desperation and failure, our Giants are flailing in a last ditch attempt to get a wildcard slot. The one true "ace" Jason Schmidt is getting tired. My guess is it's more mental than physical. The bullpen has been in tatters since, oh I don't know, July of 2003. St. Sabean's reaction? A re-tread. We waited this long to get a journeyman reliever? Time to start "appreciating the game of baseball" instead of seriously pulling for the playoffs.

At least this didn't happen in June.

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