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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Village Voice and Time . . .
Here's a very good synopsis of Time/NYT/Valerie Plame case and why Time's manifestly cowardly decision is going to make it very hard for investigative journalism.
A free country needs a free press.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's a Sad Day . . .
When you're a former newspaper reporter and you pick up your paper and read this. It's an even sadder for Ms. Miller and her family. At least she's doing the right thing. Society is definitely the worse for this.
And all two people who might be reading this, if you have one, I'd suggest you cancel your subscription from TIME. All you'll be reading is what the government has decided is appropriate for you to read...
It's very odd to be a middle-aged old goat these days. Odd and scary. Odd to have grown up in the 60s and 70s with all its vital social and political movements, to have been encouraged to participate in these movements by my parents and others, and to look around and see the apathy.
I mean, the Supreme Court basically said, property rights schmoperty rights. Oh yeah, we're all about the constitutional right to own property without fear of an illegal taking by the government. We're a real "ownership society." Unless, of course, some rich white folks could make a lot of money if only they could OWN your property by buying it for less than market value. In that case, the rich(er)white folks should get your property for dimes on the dollar. There's your ownership society for you...
And now, a federal prosecutor says that reporters don't have the right to grant confidentiality to their sources. Actually he said "no one in America" has that right. Wow. What about my doctor, dentist, shrink, teacher etc. No one, huh?
Maybe everybody's just too worn fucking down to protest. Worn down by govermental incompetence (iraq war), or malfeasence(irag war), political incompetence (iraq war), or malfeasence (Tom Delay and the Irag war), tenuous job markets.
Protest what? One single thing? Just one?

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