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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SonyBMG Goes Viral

The same company who brought you the infamous "rootkit fiasco" (copy protected CDs which actually launched rootkits into the PC registries of consumers who actually paid money for the CD)is now looking for consumer-creators to help them flog their music.
Despite my cheap shot doubling as an intro, you have to give SonyBMG credit for recognizing the power of viral-sharing amongst consumers. I've noted a similar attitude with other SonyBMG folks such as Scott Dinsdale, who gave a very solid presentation at Qualcomm's BREW Develpoers Conference in San Diego earlier this month.
Yet, I've gotta question music videos. Songs? I believe there is an absolutely empirically provable benefit to enabling taste-sharing etc. by allowing folks to virally share songs. And, yes, I believe it can be done in a controlled manner so that music label execs won't have to spend more time in group therapy/strategy sessions wondering how P2P came to pass. Music videos, however, have always struck me as something more like a temporary amusement sitting on top of the thing with lasting value -- the song.

Monday, June 05, 2006

History Repeats Self . . . Again

This approach didn't work for the Christians back in the days o' the Coliseum either -- and they were forced to go in with the lions...

Mobile Music and Media . . .

So things are operating somewhat smoother this week than in the past few weeks. Few changes here and there in terms of work. . .
But here are my new questions:
a) what is really the revenue-positive role of the mobile and wireless channel for the music industry? (Besides ringtones. I believe ww revenue for those has plateaued and will soon start to decline. Despite being embraced by record label execs and ringtone service providers, it appears ringtones have jumped the proverbial shark.)
I think SonyBMG's approach -- outlined at the BREW developers Conference last week --is the clearest-eyed appraisal of the opportunity. For the most idealistic and remarkably uncool: Verizon.
b) Search and mobile content: This is the newest frontier, in my opinion. I'll be looking at this more closely in the coming months.

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